Disaster can strike at anytime and anywhere. South Florida can be hit at anytime from another major hurricane but your business is under constant threat from serious data loss from a disaster.

South Florida is definitely not immune to the forces of Mother Nature. Hurricane Andrew in 1992 remains a huge reminder on how vulnerable business in South Florida actual is. Hurricane Andrew crippled the region, resulting in businesses facing lost revenues and higher technology support expenditures.

Many small businesses across South Florida who experience a significant loss of data because of a serious data loss or outage never fully return to where they were prior to the outage occurring, and a high percentage go out of business.

All of these disasters were 100% preventable with a business continuity solution from Sirama Consulting.  Experience South Florida’s top business continuity experts and have us protecting you today!

Business owners would never consider running their operations without proper insurance to protect workers or limit the risks from errors or omissions. Why would a business not consider having the proper safeguards in place to protect a vital business asset, their data?  Still, many businesses fail to properly safeguard this valuable asset.

A Sirama Consulting backup, disaster recovery, and business continuity solution can include:

  • Regular onsite backup of all servers and critical business systems
  • Offsite backup of data to a secure cloud data center facility
  • Cloud virtualization services allowing for fast recovery when a serious failure, disaster or outage occurs

Industry leaders across the country recognize the importance of having proper safeguards in place to protect their employee’s livelihood, protect vital business data, and keep their companies running even when faced with a disaster or technical failure.

Bottom line is we want your technology to truly meet the needs of YOUR organization.

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