Introducing our Trusted Data Protection platform

Introducing our Trusted Data Protection platform

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October 21, 2016

What is Trusted Data Protection?

A complete data backup solution for your business

Hollywood, FL, October 21, 2016– Sirama Consulting is proud to launch their new service,  Trusted Data Protection (TDP).  TDP will offer clients a never-before-seen level of data protection, monitoring of their backup jobs and service that they have been longing for.

“In the past decade we have worked with different vendors that were either too ‘corporate/complex and costly’ or ‘basic’, both of which failed to meet the needs of the SMB market which we cater to.  That is why, we decided to create a product that we are not only proud of, but that is flexible enough to fit all our clients’ needs.”
-Ramon Garcia

Upon launch, TDP scales from 25 GB to 15 TB of data, we will be increasing the data plans in the future.  TDP offers the following features:

  • End to End Encryption
  • Unlimited Local Storage/ Unlimited Restores
  • Ready for Regulatory Compliance (HIPAA, FINRA, PCI, FERPA, and PhRMA)
  • Complimentary Initial Seeding
  • Support for Virtualization (MS Hyper-V and VMWare)
  • Support for Imaging as well as File and Folder backups
  • Bare Metal Restores
  • Microsoft Server agents (SQL, Exchange)
  • Quick Spin and Rapid Recovery functions

“We have been asking Ramon and his team to find us a backup solution that has all of the feature that we need, but won’t break our bank, since we still have a business to grow.  They have been very diligent in their research.  However, they were never satisfied with the outcome; and decided to develop their own solution.  This new TDP service, is exactly what we were looking for.  We have our own dashboard, and they notify us when and if an issue occurs.  That’s the level of service that we have been looking for at a price we can easily afford and grow with.”

-Eloy De Armas
F1era Ventures

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Sirama Consulting is a boutique, yet full service, IT consulting firm which caters to small businesses, medical offices, educational facilities, legal practices among others.  Sirama really connects with its clients because they’ve been in their shoes and have walked that fine line of maintaining quality and prompt responses while operating within budget.

At Sirama Consulting, we strive to identify the functional and operational gaps of our clients’ core processes and deliver innovative automated solutions tailored to meet their unique needs. It’s rewarding to hear our clients ask, “How did you do that?  We’ve tried everything!”

That’s what pushes us to be inventive and find valuable solutions for our clients.

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