Should Your Non Profit Consider Cloud Services?

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Should Your Non Profit Consider Cloud Services?

Sirama Consulting is the Leader in Helping Miami-Dade Non-Profit Organizations Transition to Cloud Computing

With Cloud Computing, small businesses are able to utilize feature-rich productivity tools and software without purchasing, managing, and updating them. Cloud Computing provides a variety of benefits to small non-profit organizations, including:


Cloud Computing allows access to your database from anywhere in the world, as long as there is an Internet connection. Many non-profit employees are working from a non-centrally located area. With Cloud Computing, you don’t need to set up VPNs to allow remote access to your servers, employees are able to access the database from anywhere.


As a non-profit organization, your primary goal is to serve the community. While many non-profits have large databases containing essential information, this often requires expensive server and storage technology. With the cloud, non-profits can store their extensive data remotely and affordably, while reducing the amount of computer hardware; which leads to a reduction of electricity, licensing, and maintenance costs associated with maintaining such hardware. With Cloud Computing, you’re able to use the most state-of-the-art technology features for a small monthly fee.


When non-profit organizations are working with outdated or inadequate hardware, it takes more time to access the files and/or programs necessary to run the business, as well as increasing the chances of program or computer crashes. This results in less time serving the community, and more time spent on IT issues. However, when you choose to store your data in the cloud, you’re able to free up your time and work more efficiently with access to your data at all times.

Microsoft Office365 Productivity Tools on the Cloud

With Microsoft Office365, small businesses can utilize powerful productivity tools without frustrating upfront costs or maintenance issues. The following tools are hosted in Microsoft’s secure server facilities:

Exchange Online – This tool provides access to email, calendars, and contacts from virtually anywhere, any device, anytime.

SharePoint Online – Share documents, collaborate on projects, set up Intranet team sites, and manage content for your entire organization.

Office Live Meeting – Connect with colleagues and customers through online, real-time meetings, training sessions, and events.

Office Communications Online – Connect with the right people through the applications you’re using most with streamlined access to rich presence and instant-messaging capabilities across your entire organization.

Microsoft Office365’s entire Suite of Online Services Is Available TODAY from Sirama Consulting.


Sirama Consulting can help you transition to Cloud Computing Technology, call us today at (954) 908-3600 to schedule a live demonstration, or discuss migration options and potential rebate offerings!

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