No matter what your business is, Cyber security is a real issue

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No matter what your business is, Cyber security is a real issue



It not only affects our national security, but it also affects those that would not typically be a target, the small businesses.  Why, you ask; it’s simple, most small businesses do not have the resources that large corporations have to implement a cyber security program. What I find  concerning, is that if you ask a group of small business owners about cyber security and they are protecting themselves most small business owners would shrug it off and say that their business is not a target.  Well, apparently times have changed; so much so that NIST 

[National Institute of Standards and Technology – U.S. Dept. of Commerce] recently published NISTIR 7621, a cyber security framework meant specifically for small businesses.

cyberextraThe guide was developed in conjunction with the small business administration and looks to simplify the cyber security process while still making it a successful program.   The framework document is not very long, but offers small businesses a snapshot of a security framework that includes the core concepts including: Identify, protect, detect, respond and recover. The document does a good job covering these core concepts. Here is a quick sample of what is covered:

Identify:  This section provides information on to help the business identify their data and set controls around who accesses the data. It talks about developing policies, performing background checks on employees and putting good access controls in place.

Protect:  This section discusses items such as secure network infrastructure, firewalls, email gateways, and wireless infrastructure. It also covers encryption, proper disposal of media and the importance of employee training.

Detect:  This section discussing the importance of detecting issues as they happen. This included information on anti-malware and the importance of monitoring and responding to logs.

The document also covers general information on secure online habits. The guide also stresses the importance of small businesses that do not have internal experts to work with IT security experts to help develop and run their own program.

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