Professional Ethics Regarding Cloud Computing According to the Florida Bar (Opinion 12-3 )

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Professional Ethics Regarding Cloud Computing According to the Florida Bar (Opinion 12-3 )

Lawyers who want to compete in today’s business world must deal with the challenge of providing law services using new, every-changing technologies such as cloud computing; and law firms in Florida are moving to the “cloud” to take advantage of its scalability and cost-effectiveness. Cloud technologies have the potential to improve a law firm’s productivity while increasing efficiency and organization. In addition, they use cloud services for data security, document management, and workflow improvement.

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According to a statement made by the Florida Bar earlier this year:

“Lawyers may use cloud computing if they take reasonable precautions to ensure that confidentiality of client information is maintained, that the service provider maintains adequate security, and that the lawyer has adequate access to the information stored remotely. The lawyer should research the service provider to be used.”

As with any business, the main concern with cloud computing relates to confidentiality. Attorneys must keep their clients’ information confidential at all times; they have an obligation to ensure that confidentiality is also maintained by third parties, such as cloud providers.

Lawyers must also be able to provide limited access to third parties to specific information, and restrict their access to only that information, while:

  • Ensuring that the cloud storage provider has an enforceable obligation to preserve confidentiality and security;
  • Investigating the cloud provider’s security measures, policies, recoverability methods, and other procedures to determine if they are adequate;
  • Employing available technology to prevent infiltration of the data stored on the cloud.

The Florida Bar’s Professional Ethics Committee believes that lawyers should seriously consider using the services of an IT Managed Services Provider like Sirama Consulting to ensure security of data and online operations to protect proprietary client information or other sensitive information. Sirama Consulting can provide a customized, cloud solution that is secure, protected and accessible 24/7.

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